Another in a long line of states that got their imaginary balls back after the looting by The Supreme Court of the Voting Rights Act of 1965. We've seen this week many challenges in different states to the right to vote. Now, I've become aware of another truly disturbing example. It may have been on some of your radars, but not on mine.

I'm so fucking sick. Sick of it. Sick of the disenfranchisement of traditionally Democratic voters ( see what I did there? I said Democratic. I didn't say Democrat, which is grammatically wrong but also now a slur.)

Now, they've targeted 80,000 mostly young, black voters who registered for the first time. Lawsuits ensue (pro & con), because, ya know , there are 2 sides to every story... not. There is right & wrong. Shaking my fucking head that this is happening, especially after the racial brutality of this past summer, but not at all surprised.

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