In a series emergency papers filed late Friday, the legal team representing Warren Hill, an intellectually disabled man scheduled to be executed on Monday at 7 PM EDT, have argued that the manner that Georgia is using to obtain the execution drug pentobarbital poses a "grave risk" that there client will be subjected to "excruciating and unnecessary pain and suffering" when he is executed.

Apparently the drug can no longer be legally obtained in the United States. The Manufacturer has stopped making it, after a European embargo. Georgia's legally obtained stocks have expired.

The state illegally acquired some through a "pharmacy run out of the back door of a run down driving school in London, England" in 2010 and 2011, which it used in two executions where the condemned men never lost conciousness. The Drug Enforcement Administration actually raided the facility where the State of Georgia kept the drugs and seized them.

So now Georgia has passed a law making the lethal injection drugs it uses "State Secrets" and is having the Pentobarbital made at a Compounding Facility somewhere outside the State.

As of Monday morning , the State of Georgia had yet to respond to Warren Hill's legal team's papers.


From The Atlantic.