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Germs don't cause pimples, pimples cause pimples

Please stop perpetuating that germs/bacteria/dirt causes acne!

Bottom line: acne causing bacteria is found in EVERYONE'S skin. It is produced naturally. We produce acne causing bacteria. The amount that you touch your face does not matter, there are people who fucking touch their face all damn day and don't get acne. Goddammit stop telling people to avoid touching their face, it is not going to make any difference!!!

Stop perpetuating the acne=dirty face dynamic. It has been debunked so many times, I don't understand why medical professionals are still touting this bullshit idea that if I just don't touch my face, I won't get swollen fucking cysts on it. That's not how it works bro!


It's genetics. It's hormones. It's a deficiency. Or even a symptom of an underlying problem! It has very little to do with external factors! START TREATING THE CAUSE NOT THE END RESULT. It's not like I'm rubbing my face in butter and exfoliating with my potted plant fertilizer! It's not like I haven't been dealing with this for 15 fucking years! Unless your skincare suggestions extend beyond moisturize and don't touch your face, keep them to yourself. These aren't fucking clogged pores, this is a fucking cyst! They are not the same thing!!


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