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Welcome To The Bitchery

Please don't read this if you're skeeved by creepy-crawlies and TMI. So, living on a college campus with a slew of education majors who have started their elementary school rotations, it is no surprise that I've managed to contract lice. Since I know a lot of Jezzies are moms and some of you are teachers, I come to you with a plea: halp.

I'm off on fall break at the moment - I was still at school when I discovered it (Wednesday - I'd been itching late Monday into Tuesday and thought it was my usual dandruff issue, but found a tiny, tiny bug in my hair Wednesday and lost it). I washed everything, vacuumed, froze or bagged all nonwashables, would've burnt the residence hall down if I could've. Doused my hair in that horrid pesticide shampoo, blow-dried 24 hours later (after showering). I only found actual bugs while combing Wednesday and early Thursday (I combed twice to three times a day... it's kind of an obsession) and only three or four were adults. Everything else was nits, and my beloved mum and I haven't found too many of those since Thursday.

So I just found two or three tiny, tiny little 'uns in my hair and I'm losing my mind. Also found a few nits. I have a thing about anything that feeds off my blood (leeches, ticks, etc) and it's totally skeeving me out. Nobody else in the house has them. Wash sheets & pillowcases every morning, only using the nit comb to brush hair (comb for shit morning and night) after copious hot-water washing/soaping... and yet these buggers are somehow staying in and hatching.


I don't want to cut my midlength hair off - I'm an actress, having longer hair helps in auditions - but if I have to, I'll do it. Before I take the drastic measure of buzzing, any tips? Does tea tree oil work? Should I just bathe in pesticides? Will blow-drying do anything? (I thought it killed everything but apparently not.) How do you even tell if the nit things are dead? Google is telling me about 40 conflicting things.

Help me deinfest my gross scalp!

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