I just slathered my face with hydrocortisone cream, which is either a brilliant idea or complete insanity.

I cannot stand these breakouts anymore! Every month, sometimes more often, my face flares up in clusters of tiny pinhead-sized pimples, sometimes quite itchy. It looks like a rash but they’re definitely clogged pores. No matter my routine or what products I use, ta da! pimply rash! And then when it goes away, after a couple days or a week, my skin is back to normal and neither oily hands nor plastered make-up creates a pimple. It’s on a timer and I am at its mercy.

So tonight I sleep with rash cream on my face. It’s sticky and stings. Also, I’m sure I’ll have an allergic reaction to the cream itself and wake up with hives on top of the pimples.

Goodnight, sleep tight, fight the pimples, fight fight fight!