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Get off my lawn - apartment version

I don't have a lawn, but rather an open stairwell, minor detail. Since the weather has turned nice, the building's under 10 population have taken to making the stairwell their playground. The echo of screaming pre-tween girls literally shakes the pictures on my walls.

I've asked them myself to stop playing in the stairwell. The management has told them at least three times. Yet every day from the time I get home until after dark it is non-stop screaming, running up and down the stairs, clapping games, and more screaming.

There is a large green space on the side of the building and another one directly in front of the building. AND there is an actual play area less than 75 yards away. They sit/stand/climb in the stairwell instead. The parents do nothing. In fact, they throw the kids out into the stairwell and lock their doors. (Yes, this is factual. The ones who live directly across from me run up the stairs every 20 minutes or so and bang on their door screaming in to their parents asking if they can come in yet.) What befuddles me is that as I drive into the complex from work, there aren't children in any other stairwell, only mine. I am cursed. They all flock here like a plague.


I am breaking my lease and leaving a month early because I cannot take the noise. I work in a cubicle all day with the surrounding crowd noise. I come home and it is more/worse noise. I have no peace and quiet.

I am beginning to hate children; no, I hate their parents.

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