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Get people to stop interrupting

I don’t know if it is an everybody thing, or I’m just particularly interruptable, but there are multiple people in my life that seem to do this to me. And, I’m not sure how to get them to stop. I know I can talk a lot, but I try to keep things fairly contained and not ramble.

My boss does it sometimes, but one time I asked her to please let me finish what I was saying, and since then she has been pretty good about it. That is how it is supposed to work. And, we will kind of talk over each other a little in conversation, inserting interjections and such, which is fine.


My main problem is a co-worker. She will interrupt me in order to “finish” my sentence for me...often in the exact opposite way I was going. I’ve asked her to stop, I’ve tried resuming after she interrupts with “actually what I was going to say is.....”. But even calling it out multiple times a week like that doesn’t make it stop. It would be less annoying if she didn’t think every story needed all sorts of extra details (If she goes on a walk, she can’t just say she went on a walk. I have to hear about what shoes she wore, how long it was, how many steps it was, what she thought about while walking, who she saw)...but then won’t let me get through two sentences without interruption.

Do you guys have any other techniques to try, or should I just accept that I’m not going to be allowed to complete my own sentences around her.

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