A Tale of Anxiety

Okay, it's more a rant than a tale, but it might one day turn into something more. Anyway, I found a writing gig that would be perfect for me: Panels (comic book sister to Book Riot) is hiring, and they're especially looking for people who are interested in diversity, non-superhero comics, and graphic memoirs. I'm that person! And I have a ton of ideas of things to write about! Or, rather, the beginnings of ideas of things to write about.

But of course I'm terrified of putting words to paper. What if my writing sucks? Or what if I'm just lazy and using fear as an excuse? What if all my ideas are secretly crappy? I want to get a couple things written by Monday so that I can have some friends look them over before sending them off, but my ass is not yet in gear. Grrrr.

Anyone else having some creative blocks this weekend? Feel free to rant in the comments - we will rant in solidarity.


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