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Get Your Own Handy Dandy Nancy Pelosi WHO CARES Meme!

Good for shutting down any pointless crap!

Whether it's the non-stop blabbering of kooks like Michelle Bachman or David Dewhurst, or just the ramblings of some run-of-the-mill nut spouting bullshit on your second cousin's ex-girlfriend's Facebook page that for some gawdforesaken reason popped up in your Facebook feed, the Nancy Pelosi WHO CARES?? meme is your handy-dandy tool for dismissing bullshit!


So let's give it a try today!!! Just right click on the picture, save it to your drive of preference and upload it every time you see some dumb shit!

Hurry, don't wait! Only limited supply of fucks are available!

BONUS: You'll get this absolutely FREE gif from commenter ALEX:

All checks payable to BurtReynoldsIsMySpiritGuide Enterprises, LLC.

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