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Get your sweat on (fit-ness open thread)

Two days ago I visited the gym that's attached to my building for my 'I-try-to-go-twice-a-week-but-lets-be-fair-once-a-week-is-okay-too'-workout. If the gym hadn't physically been attached to my building, I never would have signed up or gone. Laziness is in my bones, while fitness is a foreign thing. But I went.

This time, I joined a Natural Balance class, a combination of Thai Chi, Pilates and Yoga. It was brutal. I sweated my butt off. My legs shook under the strain while I tried (and failed) to maintain my poses or keep up with my (pregnant and still graceful) instructor. By the end of the class, during what is the 'relaxation' moment, I wanted to cry. I felt like such a useless being not to be able to even do all the poses. Let alone do them well.


Today, two days later, I can barely walk I'm so sore. But I know that I'll go back to the gym again this weekend. I'll do my workout. I'll inwardly curse those ungodly machines. I'll curse the instructor who created my training specifically for me. I'll curse myself for going. But I'll get my sweat on and I'll be damn proud of myself.

I know I'm not alone there and I just came across this video and wanted to share this with my fellow attempting-to-be-fitter-than-before-GTers.

You are fabulous.
Sweat dripping. Red faced. Panting. And fabulous.

How are your fitness struggles going? For those who want to share them, share them!

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