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Gettin Real Stupid up in Here

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I haven't fallen asleep before 1am or slept past 5am in the past two weeks or so and I can feel myself getting stupid. Maybe the insomnia is exacerbating my depression which is making me forgetful etc., or maybe my brain is just really tired, or (most likely) both. I have a personal blog that I typically update every other day, and I've only written one post in the past two weeks because I can't formulate a coherent thought, and coherent thoughts are kind of important for the kind of blog I write.


I was a TRUE insomniac my freshman year of college— many sleepless nights, and on the other nights I was getting about two hours. (The good (?) part was that when I couldn't sleep I would paint and I painted my paint-by-number masterpiece during that period.) Now I have no clue how I could have possibly gone to class, functioned, and done well. It's been a struggle to complete this Groupthink post!

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