After 4 months away from going to a formal class, and 2 months away from any exercise (I burned through 12 hot yoga Groupon credits in one month before they expired), I'm heading back to my first pole class tonight and I am freaking nervous. I shouldn't be nervous because the instructors are good friends, close enough friends that one of them helped me move. But I can't help but feel insecure because I've packed on the winter weight; and I've no doubt lost the strength and flexibility I had back when my biggest concern was trying to get my feet to touch the floor in a forearm stand. I'm afraid the idea of flipping upside down and hanging from just my knees doesn't feel like second nature anymore.

But pole dancing is a form of self expression, and a workout that really gets you in touch with your body while swinging around like you're on a jungle gym. And dammit, I will master this move this year even if it kills me.

What hobbies/activities have you abandoned that you have trepidation about trying again?