Hi hivemind!

So I've started to feel really sluggish and like I've started to put on the winter weight, when I really can't afford to this year. I have a huge project due for work end of October and (while I'm starting the "eat healthier" thing now) I plan on really jumping into it beginning of November.

I feel like if I start to consume more fruits and veg NOW and cutting out potato chips and fries and similar foods, I'll feel better with consuming large amounts of my mom's mashed potatoes end of Nov. into Dec. and still be "healthy" when New Years rolls around. Also, I have a gym membership that is literally just me pissing money away at this point, so I have a goal to start going 2 times a week (after this project is done, I'm literally working 10 hour days until then) and then go up at at least 3 times a week once January rolls around.

So, here's my questions errrybody. I have done well on low-carb diets before, but I also am not made of money, AND I need convenience type options b/c I'm a young woman on the go ;). Does anyone have any suggestions for me?

Also, I am thinking about my gym routine of elliptical and floor exercises (planks, pilates ab moves) and I think I'm going to add this routine into it. I'm a bridesmaid in a wedding next summer and the bride and her bff are TINY TINY TINY and my other two friends/bridesmaids actually have the money for personal trainers. So wheeeeeeeeeeee! If anyone has any other suggestions for arm workouts/toning in general I'd appreciate it.

Also, I know juice cleanses are both expensive and gimmicky, but I am still very intrigued. I DO need to seriously up my green/fruit consumption, would doing a 3 day "cleanse" help jump that off?


So, any nutritional/diet, exercise, or cleanse related info would be EXTREMELY helpful.