Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Y'all, I'm kinda freaking the fuck out.

In a little less than four weeks, my plane will be landing in Vietnam where I will be starting a completely new chapter of my life. I am completely terrified.

Don't get me wrong, I'm also excessively excited. But in the next ten days I have to finish my student teaching hours, hand over all of my job responsibilities, write final papers, donate or sell the majority of my belongings, pack up the rest, and throw myself a going away party. I'm starting to wonder what is wrong with me that I intentionally sought out a change of this magnitude.


In ten days, I will leave the city I've lived in for four years and move a couple of pieces of furniture and a couple of boxes of books back to my parents' places. I will spend a whirlwind two weeks after that in my hometown saying goodbye to family and friends, trying to get all of my documentation and immunizations in order, and unsuccessfully attempting to pack everything I think I will need for the next two and a half years into two suitcases and a backpack.

I don't know where I'm going to live. I don't speak Vietnamese. I have no information on the curriculum I will be teaching or the methods they use for English language learners in my new school. I have basically no money set aside to get myself all set up (THANKS, TUITION AND STUDENT LOANS). This is the craziest and most daring thing I've ever done and I'm scared. Honestly, when I think of all of the things I have to do and all of the deadlines I'm coming up against, my stomach kind of goes all crampy and horrible and my chest constricts a little bit and my heart beats too fast.

I just need to get through the next few weeks and try to stay as present as possible, because I know when I leave I will miss my friends and family terribly and I will feel so lonely in my new city that I just need to soak up all of the love I can get before I go.

So um, GT retreat in SE Asia?

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