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Getting Hair Dye to "stick"

Hey all. Desperately trying to avoid the sadness of the United States’ elections, I want to instead discuss hair dye.


Guys. I’m 30 ( still doesn’t feel real). I’ve been dyeing my hair since I was 14. 90% has been via at home permanent hair dye. Usually just whatever is on sale and whatever strikes me. Also I have bleached my hair (which took multiple processes) three or four times. So anyway.

my hair is that pretty purple/violet/red hue. I love it. This is always my fav (ok so maybe just my fave RIGHT NOW, hehe).. But I can never get it to stick.

So... How can I get it to stick? This is very processed hair... A fine style texture. Red/purple/violet... Any home remedies? Shampoo or conditioner recs? Thank you, people who know way more than me :-)

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