After the election happened, I started wondering whether I should take the fact that I was still unemployed as a kind of hidden blessing, and start looking for jobs directly in progressive politics. This impulse faded off a bit, for reasons I will get into shortly, but since Obama’s farewell speech, I’ve started to toy with the idea again.

Here’s the thing: I’ve been looking at positions on sites like democraticgain, and (and also on idealist and indeed) and I’m struggling to figure out what a reasonable entry point position would be for me. The thing is, I’d be willing to have a relatively modest salary in the right position, but I do have a masters degree (and grad school debt), so I’d rather not apply for something like a PIRG organizer and make 30,000 a year. And then the next jobs up are things like Legislative Director with 10 years of relevant experience. So, I’m not quite sure what an opening on my level would look like.

The other reason why this is probably a silly impulse on several levels is that the area I have my degree in (and where I have professional work experience in) is inherently political (refugee/immigrant issues) and going to be more so over the next few years, so there is a very strong case that I just need to stay in my lane, professionally speaking.

On the flip side, I still haven’t gotten a full job offer, so this does give me another area into which to expand my job search.

What do you think, am I being silly for considering this? If not, can anyone give me guidance on how to jump into this field? (Where should I be looking? What should I be looking for?) I do have a lot of policy research experience, so I was initially imagining a position where I could apply that to party politics, but I don’t know. I’m open to a lot of ideas at this point.