So I'm off to the States for a two week holiday in just under two months. I'd sort of promised myself when I booked the flights way back in October that I'd get myself into shape so I just feel a little bit better about myself when I go. I have finally got my shit together and am starting to make some positive changes so that I feel good by my much-anticipated holiday.

I just thought yesterday - I am sat down from the moment I get into my car at 7.45am until I get home at 6.15pm, and then I tend to just sit back down again to watch TV. I really want this to be a positive change and something that's actually sustainable. I'm not unhappy in my body, but I know that there are things I'd like to change; and I have to make those changes myself, they're not going to happen magically just because I go for a week without buying lunches or snacking on sweets. I haven't weighed myself in about a year because that doesn't make me feel good or motivated to shape up, so it's more about how I feel in my own skin, rather than how much I weigh.

So, last night, I signed up to graze (the healthy snackbox people), and joined the gym at my old uni on a pay-as-you-go basis so I can go to classes like Zumba and Pilates with my housemate. I found something on Lauren Conrad's blog for getting fit and it actually looked feasible - I was looking at the daily exercise section and thought, I can do 50 bicycle crunches every morning, I can totally make time to do one of the sets of exercises each evening, I can cut down the amount of sweets I have, etc. I bought loads of fruit and veg when I went to the supermarket today so I have lots of healthy snacks to have in the day and totally avoided the chocolate aisle, which meant I wasn't tempted to buy stuff and then eat it all in one go. I don't know why, but starting this mid-week feels more like a commitment than starting it at the beginning of the week for me - no idea why, it just does.

My housemate knows I'm trying to eat healthier and I know I can trust her to not judge me if I have an off day or week, but I also know that her good influence will keep me going and keep me motivated. I'm writing this here because I feel like the more people I tell (even if they're not people I know irl) the more likely I am to stick to this - I'm more likely to stick to something when I've told people about my plan.

I feel really positive about this, guys :D