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Getting on a Jet Plane

I am going to San Fransico tomorrow for a quick getaway. I’ve been living in Seattle for 20 years and never rmade it before but now I am. I’ve been before years and years ago (22) but never really had a compelling reason.

Saturday night, one of my favorite DJ’s plays and it’s only one of seven US stops - plus the whole evening is going to be this immersive art/music fest - so it’s going to pretty fucking cool.

One bummer is that I couldn’t get any of my freinds to join me (except my crazy poor friend would go ... but she’s crazy and would drive me crazy and she can’t afford it).


The other bummer is that two women I know who live there have both blown me off - one is more of a friend of a friend and the other doesn’t really live all that close by (she’s in Tahoe) but she didn’t even respond to my message. Oh well, it’s been almost a decade that I’ve talked to the Tahoe friend...When she moved down there, we weren’t close at all by then. BUt at least pretend that you were pleased to hear from me? Whatever.

I will see my guy friend, more of a colleauge but he’s a super smart guy and he is in the same professional world as me but as a consultant to my profession - so I’m hoping to have some heart to heart career talks with him. He’s been much more successful as I although at one point our careers were moving along at the same pace. I just hope he can give me some good reframing cuz I am seriously unhappy right now but feeling very stuck.

But right now, I’m off to flirt with my 25 year old trainer :) at my gym. squee.

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