My daughter's birthday sleepover is tonight. For once, we're actually ready ahead of time. So kiddo is trying to occupy herself before everyone gets here. Behold the Birthbay Chakelist:

Allow me to transcribe:


Happy Birthday Sine

Party Splise



My room clean

Mom's bath

Heleam bloons


Party mustashis

Frinds hear

We're still waiting for the cake (my sister is bringing it), I just picked up the heleam bloons, obviously her frinds aren't here yet. Not sure why we need to move. Kiddo just clarified- that would be movie, not move. Please send liquor.


ETA: My sister and I drank vodka and hung with the girls. Ended up being just one girl, cause the other punked out. We made masks, ate pizza, played with a Spirograph (her present from her friend), watched Muppets Most Wanted, and we're watching a show now. Ridiculous amounts of fun. They will provably not go to sleep right away, but that's ok. I don't mind them giggling into the night.