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Getting Rid of Cable

In my first bid to get rid of cable, I did not have all the luck. All the antennae parts I bought did not give me channels, this despite my neighbors all getting about twenty channels. I have concluded that it is the cheap television's fault, most likely. So, I'll be continuing my search for the appropriate way to handle that situation.

Next up is Roku.


I'm serious. I already have Amazon Prime, mainly because I'm a teacher. It's a useful teaching tool. I don't have Hulu yet, but if Abrams really brings a series to Hulu, I'm in. I have quite a few channels to choose from as well and anticipate more channels as time goes by. It's nice to finally have something resembling the ability to chose channels and chuck the boring ones. It was easy to install as well.


I recommend it highly.

Next up? The phone call to cancel service. MONEY SAVED!

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