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Getting shit off my needles

If you look around my house, you will find a ton of items related to knitting. Yarn. Tons of needles. Half-finished projects. Printed projects. Row counters. Stitch markers. Open tab to Ravelry. You would almost think a knitter lives here.

I haven't picked up the sticks in months, though. It's silly. I love knitting, I love the end products, but once I get a ton of yarn in my stash and a bunch of projects in my queue, I immediately stop.


Well, not anymore! I want to get some of the new yarn out there, but first, I have to finish up some of what I have. I just finished up a washcloth thad had been on my t0-do list for a while, and I found instructions and yarn for a pair of socks that are 80% done. I'm going to start hacking away at my to-do list, because dammit, there are pretty things to buy out there, but I have no more room to keep them.

Who's with me?! Who's going to get some of this crafty shit done?!

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