how do you do it? I passed the six-month mark of unemployment recently, and it has really got me down, especially today. Throughout all of this, I've had good days and bad days in terms of how I cope. Gardening helps. Selling at the farmers market helps. Having craft projects helps. But none of that can replace having a steady job, no matter how lowly or menial. I know a large part of the problem is the town where I'm living — it's small (pop. ~18k) and sometimes it's just fucking impossible to find a job here. I follow a lot of farming job boards, and there have been times I've thought about just leaving everything behind and working at some random farm. I've more or less done that before and it wasn't completely pleasant because I didn't think everything through at the time, plus now I have a serious girlfriend who I can't just leave either. I don't know if I'm looking for sympathy or advice, but ugh, I'm just so sick of feeling useless.