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Getting tired of this speech

I’m seeing this tired speech make the rounds again around FB activism, especially the older set. Can I say how tired and bad this speech is? It craps on younger generations, pretends that America was wonderful when we used to look up to and listen to great, “revered” men, that America ever made decisions and laws based upon morality and not what best benefited it (I assume this is talking about our entrance into WWI and WWII), and espouses a view of a Great America led by Great Men. The fiction of a fallen Great America with Great Men is what got us into this mess.

I’m shocked at how many people think this inspiring. The fantasy that if only one Truth Teller would Tell It Like It Is and we’ll all just sit there silently, abashed and embarrassed because of the strength of his Truth is laughable. Look at those two other panelists, just sitting there, not even talking or fighting back! Look at that Dumb Blonde Girl™ looking like a scolded and petulant child when her entire generation is called “the worst.” Haha, take that, Dumb Young Blonde and Smart Brunette Liberal! Silenced and shamed by the strength of his Realness, even Other White Conservative Man is stunned speechless! This is definitely how the real world works.

This clip irritates the hell out of me.

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