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Getting unsoliciated free things from random men


So, I am feeling a little lost at what just happened. I got a whole bunch of free services from a jewelry store. I *try* to always go to local businesses for services. My "engagement" ring is a pearl on a gold band. The pearl was damaged so I went to an independent jewelry store that I have visited a few times before and got fair prices and a great product. Basically, the store owner fixed my necklace, polished my wedding ring, and gave me a larger pearl than I paid for and attached it to my gold band all for like 60 dollars. I know all those services cost more than 60. At first, I chalked it up to being a repeat customer but I think the owner found me attractive. I gave my id with my credit card and he said great ID picture... hmm.

The thing is that I look like a mom. Not mom jeans, but I have my toddler on my hip while sporting target yoga pants. I am obviously married. Yes, I am conventionally attractive but how attractive is a young mom to men outside of their husbands, really?


Part of me is happy that I paid so little while the other part is creeped out. Maybe he was empathetic because I obviously look like a frantic, tired mother but I doubt he would be that aware, you know?


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