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Getting Your Shit Together! New Years Resolution or Whatever

I found this iPad app which looks really promising for people, like me, who need a little scheduling, help, and habit-forming when it comes to keeping house. I just need things written out.

I am trying to be better about keeping my domicile more presentable. I am not THE WORST but I would really like to be much better. My mom always said, your house should be in a state where if company was coming over you'd only need 10 minutes to get it presentable. I'm on like an hour now, 3 if I'm having a laundry apocalypse (which is usual). The way my house is arranged, I don't have anywhere to hide a laundry apocalypse.

The thing I like, so far, about HomeRoutines is that you can kind of schedule out when you super-clean in a balanced way (they call them "zones" and you focus on one zone a week), and then have regular small reminders to do small things. Part of my problem is that I do not notice the floor needs to be swept until it is gross. And I need a computer to tell me to do laundry because I am so out of the habit of it that I just let it pile up and pile up and then it is a huge nightmare.


You can also schedule monthly tasks - which I want to do with projects and organization around the house.

So, anyway, here's to not being a complete slob in 2014!

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