Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

BF: (to the tune of George Cohen's Over There)

Over Here, Over There

I will poop over there

The pee will flow over here

Yes I will Poop Over There,

I will Pee Over Here

Me: That is horrible, do you want to be sued like the singer of Blurred Lines?

GF: BF is a musical artist. Its better then that Bath song.

Me: Bobby Darin's Splish Splash I Was Taking A Bath is ok pretty bad. My mother loves it though.


BF: That song is scary.

GF: If Casey Kasem was still alive he would put it at number one. BF is an artist like Prince.


Me: Lets see what he can do to Purple Rain.

BF: Being an artist makes me hungry I need a snack. Its hard to create powerful music for the masses. Purple Rain? Um Yellow Rain.


Me: You are not an artist. God ignore my suggestion. Don't mangle Prince.

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