In my family room there are 2 big pillows BF (dog)and GF uses. One is under a table and the other is diagonal to it. BF was on his fav pillow under the table, she was on hers. Well a car door was heard, she barked got up and walked two feet, he barked and ran about 6 feet. I don't think he knew what he was barking for. She then twisted around and grabbed his pillow, curled up and shut her eyes, in a space of 3 seconds. He returned looked confused, looked at her pillow then his. I said to them "why can't you share?" GF looked at me then shut her eyes, as if I was asking her to do a lot. He took the other pillow. The pillows are essentially the same. She won't share with him and has been known to walk over and nudge him off of the pillow he is sleeping on to take it, this time was more devious. They will sleep on chairs together but pillows, nope she won't share. She thinks "my pillow!, mine!". BF always takes the other or jumps on my mother's lap if she is watching TV.