Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

GF: Father BF and I have a song

BF: Its to the tune of Civil Wars by Barton Hollow. We call it Biscotti Bag Laying

BF: Biscotti Bag Laying

Biscotti Bag Laying on Box

GF: And he ripped and he ripped

Yes He ripped and he ripped more

BF: Biscotti Bag Laying

It was laying Biscotti Bag was open

GF: And we chewed and chewed

Yes chewed and we chewed some more

BF: Biscotti Bag Laying

it was laying partially empty

BF and GF: Great song.

BF: Sad ending

Me: I am so not amused. Let’s see my mother put biscotti into a plastic bag whichshe put on top of box. I went upstairs to the bathroom. She went down cellar. I then heard “WHAT DID YOU DO”.


GF: She was quite loud.

Me: I came down there were crumbs on the floor, crumbs on your fur throws on top of your beds. Crumbs everywhere.


BF: They were for later.

Me: Which lead to me dry mopping the floor twice in a day.

GF: Your mother should have been proud we got our own snack.

Me: Nope. Plus you should not be eating them.


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