Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

BF: Daddy she got in my way I was trying to cover my poops.

Me: She was not in the way you missed the poops entirely.

BF: The wind took the dry grass then.

Me: Ah no. Your aim just stinks.

GF: I just shook the dry grass off. All clean.

ME: Why do you try to cover your poops you know I take a bag, pick them up and throw them out.


BF: To cover the smell from people who turn into wolves. I saw one on that screen that shows people and pictures.

Me: TV? That's make believe werewolves do not exist.

GF: Father my boyfriend is right I saw it with my own eyes. If its not real then does our God the sun not exist and shine heat and life on us? Do you not exist Daddy I see you. I am scared. Can I have a snack.

BF: I am scared and confused. Snack will help.

Me: Yes fine werewolves exist but they live in tv land and are tiny like the other folks who live in tv land.


GF: That makes sense. Not afraid any more.

BF: Totally makes sense now snack time.


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