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GF (I am translating): I hate when we go outside in the cold and there is white stuff on the ground. Can we pee and poop inside?

You two we are never out more then ten minutes and you two are quick at doing it.I would let you I hate the xold and snow probably more them you two but I do it with you but there is a glitch in the idea. Wait what is stopping you from doing it anyway? It never stopped you before.

GF: I was trying to be polite. I thought if you were ok with it your mother would be too.


BF: Daddy she is trying to get permission for always.

Argh since when does she ask permission?

BF: Maybe a snack when we come in?

Aha I knew there was an angle to this. Good try you two.

GF: Boyfriend you spoke too soon about the snacks. Fathers not that dumb. Maybe if you were quicker peeing and pooping we would be outside five minutes not ten.

BF: Finding a right spot is hard.

GF: Eyeroll.


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