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Actually she is so very, very, very, very to infinity right.

I told my mother to always put BF and GF in the pen or hold them by the leash. I prefer leash. Did she listen? Nope.

She took them outside while she sat. They always do stay by her side but they really should not be trusted.


I was inside watching the last segment of Hardball when I suddenly hear from my mother quite loudly


I got up. Suddenly I see BF running.

My mother is pointing at them to come inside.

GF: We were just being friendly to our visitor.

I openned the door and WHAM. I am hit by the WORST odor. EVER.

Mom: There is a skunk outside.

GF went to lay down. BF threw himself rolling on the floor.

Ok here is my YUGE mistake. I mean YUGE. I bent over to sniff BF. Oh My God. The odor. I stepped back. Using my head I should have grabbed him.

Me: He was sprayed.

GF: Of course he was.

BF RAN and rolled. I gave chase, I do not move quick. My mother went online for dog and skunk smell.


Well he rolled on the pillows under the dining room table. Ran upstairs rubbing his face against the stair rug. I called him to come down.

BF: I thought you wanted to play chase. I just wanted to get rid of the smell.

Well he came down running and rolling and before I bent over,n back upstairs he went.


My mother was running around getting ingrediants.

He finally came down.

BF: Rolling around would have done it.

Me: Nope.

I picked him up fnally. After about five minutes.

I wanted to vomit. No matter what you CANNOT mix up skunk smell amd perfume. It is the most pungent smell ever.


It took thirty minutes to wash him.

BF: Rolling would have worked.

GF: Idiot boyfriend I would not have wanted to spend the night with him and Father’s Mother if he just rolled.


Oh god the smell is everywhere. My beautiful wonder bathroom was like ground zero. The rug was reeking with it. I thank god the sitting room upstaijrs is blocked due to the rug in their. I thank god my rug in my bedroom is gone. My mother’s room. Second ground zero she has pillows in front of her bed on the floor. They stink. Its in the dining room downstairs, family room where they entered the house.

My mother put bowls of vinager in my bathroom and other places. No idea if it will work. My bedroom thank god is ok. It seems to have disapated somewhat in my bathroom and her bedroom. Well my bathroom rug is outside, it may rain. Her pillows, I assume in the basement to be washed.


My mother said she will from now on put them in their pen when she goes out back for a few minutes and not trust them.

Lesson don’t trust them off the leash or not contained when outside. We are fenced in pretty much out back but there is a portion with no fence. They could easily have ran for the unfenced portion.


Yes for many years they would not leave her side but it takes just one time for instincts to kick in.

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