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Me translating

Me: Huh

GF: Humans do not start a New Year on the longest day nor the shortest that would make sense.


BF: No, no. New Years indicates when Kathy Griffin and Anderson Cooper meet once a year and well not mating not sure what you would call it.

Me: No idea. Confuses me to.

GF: Really celebrate a New Years for what. The Goddess does not shine on us differently. Seasons are the same. Human stupidity.

BF: Daddy she is right. Maybe humans should end it.

Me: Without years when would we know when to vote. How would we teach history without years. Would we have to teach every 48 full moons we have an election. Instead of saying back in 1915 it would be back 1200 full moons ago. Getting confused.


GF: See human stupidity. I want a snack now. I do not think about that snack 12 full moons ago. That would be stupid.

Me: Yes but you and other dogs know not to walk on fire. You must have known from the past generations that’s stupidity.


GF: Father sadly humans lost their generational instincts. Humans say you must learn from the past so you do not repeat it. Yet as stupid as humanity is they know not to stick their head in flames. Instincts. We just open ourselves up to it humans do not.

BF: Daddy GF mentioned snacks. Let’s have one.

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