Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Me: Why?

GF: We have to worship the Goddess that day. We must go to windows where the Goddess light shines through and meditate.


Me: I think you mean sleep.

BF: Its religious freedom or religious right humans have too many words for “I can’t do this”


Me: Fine you can get nails cut Monday

GF: Ah no father. We have to meditate and think if the Goddess’ son The Moon

BF: Intense all day meditation.

Me: Translation sleep with breaks for snacks or how to eat my meal.

GF: Meditation makes us hungry.

Me: Yes sleep does. Fine Tuesday.

BF: Its Turd day where we meditate on our turds.

GF: Grrr. Grrr. Its duology day where we sleep I mean meditate on the Sky King one day he let’s the Goddess light through the other day rain to water nature.


BF: I meant Thursday is. Daddy that look. Why are you shaking your head?

Me: You are making it up to get out of having your nails cut and to use your Goddess, Her Son amd Sky King like that for shame. Sunday is nail day. The lady cutting them is very nice and it lasts what a minute?


GF: Grrr BF who ever thought of meditate on turds. Grrrr. Humans even daddy are not that naive.

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