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Welcome To The Bitchery
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GF: Father Your Mother Was Quite Mean To Me

Me: Seriously she was not now she has to wash the pillow you sleep on in the family room.

BF: Daddy I like to sleep on it too. When she let’s me.

Me: You have two pillows and a dog bed plus blankets.

GF: I put on Poop Eu Dirt on me.

Me: Rolled in it you mean.

Backstory. When my mother goes out back she allows them out with her. Years ago we could not do it but now we can. Sometimes at night we take them on leashes to the back yard and if they poop we pick it up the next moring. But sometimes we either cannot find it or forget. Today my mother was doing something in the backyard I went out to watch BF and GF. I suddenly saw GF rolling on her back. I thought it was a twig. So after 30 seconds I went to pick her up and her back was covered in poop.


GF: Poop Eu Dirt.

Me: Yes and you layed in your back when I bent to pick you up. What did I discover on your white fur? Brown poop smears.


GF: You carried me three feet then put me down. I felt like being carried inside.

Me: No. Then what did you do when we got inside and I told my mother?

GF: I always lay down on a pillow when I come in.

Me: You laid down on the side with the most poops right in the pillow.

GF: Poop eu Dirt

Me: Now my mother has to wash the pillow.

GF: Humans have bad taste in smell. She also washed me.

BF: You really do.

Me: I concede Poop Eu Dirt smells better then Axe.

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