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Welcome To The Bitchery

GF: Father’s mother does not understand tasty foods should be left alone.

BF: Let’s remind the readers of last time.


GF: Good idea

GF: This time it was Ho Hos though they did not have crusty chocolate on top.

Me: Why am I typing this you two cannot eat chocolate.

BF: it was horrible and fiendish to do that to Hohos.

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GF: Father went upstairs to the bathroom. Why humans does not use nature to go is a mystery none can fathom.

BF: His mommy. This is sending chills down to my tail.

GF: She split the Hohos down the center.

BF: It will give readers nightmares.

GF: She scooped out the white frosting in the center.

BF: She thought nothing of it.

GF: She casually, without a morsel of guilt, told father what she did.

BF: Daddy, poor daddy, took a butchered Hoho put it in a bowl and put a large spoonful of eggnog ice cream on top of the poor butchered hoho , large sspoonful of chocolate pudding on top of that,  then topped it with Cool Whip.


GF: Nothing better then licking fingers with Cool Whip on them.

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