Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

GF: I want a better snack

Happened earlier today when we were leaving. GF and BF get a snack before we leave. They eat it then we leave.

BF: Snacktime. Crunch, crunch. Done.

GF: I want something better.

Moving the snack with her nose towards my mother.

Mom: You are not getting another one. He ate his.

GF: I will sit here till I get a new snack. Piece of chicken would be nice.

My mother bending over picking it up.

GF: My snack what are you doing. Why are you breaking it in two.

BF: Snack time again.Whee. Crunch.

GF: Fine I will eat that half. Crunch.

I went for a haircut twice. I left my coat there. Oh come on it happens to everyone.


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