Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Me translating

Me: It was a vet she needed to take your temperature

GF: She could not tell it was nice and warm in the room how will my rear tell her?


Me: She wanted your internal temperature.

GF: Don't you be defending insane lady, Father. Plus she poked and prodded me. At least your mother was with me. Where were you?


BF: He was acting stupid. Daddy put me in this movable cage (shopping cart) and wandered aimlessly.

Me: I was kinda bored. But you were standing up with paws holding the front and every aisle we went by you starred in her direction.


GF: Really? He missed me?

Me: Yup.

BF: Stupid daddy the door which they went through had a nice shade of white.

GF and Me eye rolled.

GF: Why did I see that insane lady?

Me: Well so you can get your teeth cleaned.

GF: Daddy, I mean Father, what if I lose teeth like my boyfriend did? I am scared now.


BF: I will still love you.

Me: I am really proud of you saying that. We know you do.

GF: Guess who is in for an ear and face licking? My boyfriend thats who.

BF: Gasp. i said I will still love yogurt. Help me daddy.

Me: Nope we both heard you.

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