Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

GF is now short four teeth BF seems relieved she is back

We picked up GF from.the vet she had four teeth pulled. BF was with us. My mother insisted in bringing him since he was never in the house alone, GF is always with him.

GF was whimpering. BF seemed relieved she is back. He likes everyone in same room. She stayed on my lap on the way home well he was on my lap too.


Do you know what he did? He kissed her, it was probably a sniff, but close enough. We barricaded the steps and put away the toys. Although GF has not touched the toys in a long, long time. BF is a musician and likes to bite down on them to squeek but less so now in last year. They are 12 and 10.

GF cimbed on her pillows and washed herself then fell asleep.

We will stay home with her tomorrow. She has painkillers for next four days, they are oral syringes.

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