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Father found what I did was gross. I believe it was adorable. Every morning he goes to the bathroom. Human males like male dogs do it wrong well at least father does not lift his leg, I suspect he would tip over.

Anyways like always Father after he left his bed went to the bathroom. I followed him. I usually go downstairs to get his mother to feed BF and I quicker. BF thinks I am too impatient. Then father takes us out to do our duty.

Anyways I followed Father. He was standing on a rug aiming at a gigantic water bowl (toilet). So I squatted and peed on the rug. I thought it was adorable. Father did not. He said something about wiping the tile floor and throwing the rug down cellar to be washed. No clue why I just walked down to eat.


Adorable or gross. Father thinks it was gross.

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