GF: Razana, Razana Crocodile would make a great children’s book.

Me: No, just no. Unless you want to create nightmares with little children.

BF: I think you are being a speciest.

Me: Razana is as big as a minivan with TRex teeth. We would be an afternoon snack. Remind me to look up speciest later.


GF: There was a Lyle, Lyle Crocodile. He did not give children nightmares.

Me: Good point. I loved Lyle as a kid. I even got some toy rubber crocodiles as a kid. Yes Razana, Razana Crocodile could work.


BF: Have Razana, Razana be a pet of a young Princess Leia who eats stormtroopers.

Me: Why didn’t she have Razana on the envoy ship that Darth Vader breached.

GF: Don’t confuse us with nitpicking.