We were entering Petsmart they had a hair appointment but the regular cutter kf theirs was out so we rescheduled.

Me: Huh?

GF: The door opened for us it must have been an invisisble person.

BF: Daddy it wasn’t the Predator was it? They are scary.

GF: No the Predators are not scary they kill the Aliens so they can feed their dogs and cats. Father do not bring home Alien meat they seem very acidic.

BF: Yeah daddy no Alien meat although their bones look good. I beat there is no acid in them.

Me: No Predators nor Aliens exist they are fictional. The door was openned by a sensor on top that we triggered or you triggered because you were ahead of me.

BF: Cool. Let’s get one for home.

GF: Yes father you and your mother have to open doors for us these doors would be good.


Me: No. Absolutely not.