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Welcome To The Bitchery

I saw Ghostbusters today. I really enjoyed it.

I read some of the hate out on the internet prior to going, and I wasn’t super enthusiastic about the first trailer. I wanted to like the movie. I am not a huge fan of Melissa McCarthy or Kristen Wiig. I will also admit I haven’t seen many things with either of them in it. I love Kate McKinnon, and I have liked Leslie Jones in what I had seen her in. But it’s Ghostbusters! I have the Blu-ray of the original. I have the DVD of the sequel. I have the video game.


I didn’t see any other preview after the first one. I am glad I stopped when did, as the second preview gave away way, way too much. I read the review on io9, and that was the only review I really paid attention to before going.

I had a ball in the theater. Not every joke landed, a few beats went on too long, I actually had a small issue with how the sound was mixed in a couple spots, but I will absolutely buy a copy when it comes out.


I went to IMDB to see its rating. 4.7/10?! Are you fucking kidding me?! It was easily a 7. Maybe even higher upon a second viewing. I am a 34 year old guy. I have seen the original many, many times. GB2016 did not lessen my love for the original. The original did not lessen my enjoyment of GB2016.

Go home, haters. We don’t need you here.

This is the best review I have seen so far for GB2016.


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