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I get spooked really easily, especially when it has to do with ghosts. I'm an atheist and logically know that the existence of ghosts who are malevolent and have the capability to hurt you is probably a slim chance. BUT STILL. The other night in my house things were thrown on the ground in rapid succession and the cat was right next to me. First a cookbook in my living room that just fell off the table, then a cup and some pencils in the dining room, then a spatula in the kitchen.

To make matters worse I went over to my uncle's house so he could help me replace the spark plugs and motor mount and brakes on my car. He's really into ghost hunting, so he was telling me all these stories which made me feel even more creeped out.


So then when I got home, I decided to do some ghost hunting. I went into the dark basement with my phone and recorded. I SWEAR TO FSM THAT I SAW ONE (but probably not). So now I'm petrified of going into my basement and for it to ever be dark again.

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