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GIF Conversation Game.

I thought's Gonzo's GIF poetrypost was a lot of fun so i thought i would try one, only this will be where we try to have a conversation using only gifs

The rules are very simple. I will post a GIF with words and someone needs to reply to that post with another gif with words that might be a logical response to what the other person is saying. So for example if i have...


the next person might respond with

That's just an example. Now since the idea is to have a conversation gifs without words are discouraged but if you have one that might be a natural response to what the person in the previous gif says, throw it out. So for our buddy Frieza calling us stupid for finding something racist, i might get sad and reflect that with this gif


So we'll see how it goes and see what kind of conversation we can get out of our gif collections. I'll start things off with this one....


Take it away, Hivemind (TM 2014)

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