If a picture is worth a thousand words, surely a GIF is worth an entire day's emotional turmoil. I had a sweet, sweet moment of victory as I ended my mort school career with absurdly high grades on my finals (take THAT, ill-timed sinus infection!). Just as soon as I felt that wonderful moment of relief, my brain spazzed at the realization that my Board exams are ON MONDAY OHGODOHGODOHGOD MAKE TIME STOOOOOOOOP.

Needless to say with this week's illness I haven't been able to study or prep much. I'm solid fucking gold on all of the funeral subjects, but accounting, business law, and business management are all going to slay me and spell out my doom. DOOOOM.


Well, fuzzy-decongestant-riddled brain, let's see what we can get done this weekend as far as reviewing and memorizing unfun business-y type stuff.

But first, I need to visualize success. That's what, like, successful people do, right? I bet this is how they visualize it. This, my friends, is how I intend to leave the testing center on Monday:


Although that will be quickly replaced by


when I remember that I have to do it all over again on Saturday for the second part of the Boards (and because this sinus infection leaves me pretty winded just walking to the kitchen, so I can only imagine what victory strutting will do to my respiratory system). GOAL SETTING NOW BECAUSE I'M A PLANNER: Saturday will see me leaving the testing center like this:

because I'll be done FOR REAL (and too exhausted by that point to properly express my awesomeness through dance) and can rightfully be unleashed upon the world as a mortician. Well, as a mortuary intern, but close enough.


EDIT: Boo to formatting fail. I could fiddle around and try to make the paragraphs complement their respective GIFs, but I'm going to be responsible and go back to taking practice exams. :/