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So. This gif.


In other news, I'm going on my once a year date night with my husband tonight. Overnight hotel, kids babysat, expensive meal with other couples—the whole shebang. I want to be excited. And I almost am, but.
I have gained 35 lbs over the last 10 months and have only recently stuck to my diet and begun losing. The extra size I have gained is leaving me at a loss of what to wear. Do I struggle into my skinny jeans so that my high-heeled leather boots can perhaps zip over them? Then have a full on silent meltdown when I see the distance my muffin top is willing to creep? Do I go with my pencil skirt and black tights? Can you wear chocolate brown leather boots with black tights and black skirt? When wearing a tank with paillettes on the front, is it best to wear only dangly earrings and no necklace, or can one do both?
This is the first time where weight gain has caused me to question even my own sense of fashion styling. I think it is beacause the other two women that I will be dining with, along with their husbands, are two of the prettiest (and thin) women I know. I mean, classic beauties with knock-out hotness. I know better than to say anything about my self-confidence out loud to my husband, but damn. Imma just be over here hyperventilating.

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