I can't even right now. I am about to strangle a coworker. Funny GIFs, jokes, bad puns, silliness is needed. Please.

Oh, and if I suddenly disappear from GT, it's b/c I've moved to a deserted island. It's best for everyone, really.

In case you're interested:

I've been asking coworker for weeks for an updated document and I've been told for weeks that he's working on it. Today, his response to my latest urgent request for a status update (since he ignored yesterday's email) was "What document?"

Am I taking crazy pills?!

So I reminded him of the last month's worth of conversations and he responded with "I sent that to you some time ago". Some. Time. Ago.

*jaw drop*

I politely explained that was impossible b/c we spoke on Friday and it was still a work in progress. Another colleague jumped into the thread and basically ripped him a new one. (She's so done, she's already gone up the chain of command.)


So how did he respond to the ass-ripping? He saved the old doc with today's date and sent it to me.

*pulling out emergency bottle of vodka*

It is full of superfluous shit that has no business being in this document, let alone for me to send it out as the official version as of today. To give you an idea of how bad it is, he sent me a 15 page doc that should really only be three pages.