Gifters of GroupThink, lend me your brains. I have a beloved but far-away Auntie who took a digger this past weekend and broke the hell out of her foot (plus sprained the other ankle). She’s having surgery later this week to repair it, and all totaled, the off-her-feet recovery time may be 6 months! Yikes!

I want to send this Aunt a “Thinking of you” card and something - probably nothing too elaborate - to help her fill her time. She’s a crafter (crocheter, quilter, seamstress - though I don’t know too much about her level of expertise or likes here), is pretty smart (likes puzzles, games, and books), and since she’s semi-retired, had been spending a lot of time traveling with her husband and dog, biking, cooking, gardening, and hanging out with her two grandkids.

Any genius gift ideas you can think of? Thanks, y’all!