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Gift Grump and Request for Advice

GT, help me determine if this is a Christmas gift.

On my mom’s side of the family, we always do a cousin’s secret santa gift exchange. We call it a Kris Kringle (or KK). It’s strictly voluntary, so people who don’t want to be in don’t have to. I always participate and sometimes draw the names. I have one cousin, V, who is in the exchange every year, but has a track record of bad gifts or no gifts. She’s had me before and gifts have ranged from nothing to one year she sent me a plastic beaded bracelet for St. Patrick’s day. It was one of those kinds of bracelets that you get out of a vending machine. She sent it just before St. Patrick’s day with a note that everyone’s Irish on St. Patrick’s, right? LOL... I was not impressed.

This year, the stipulation was a gift, no more than $20, it could be handmade. I embroidered a picture of another cousin’s cat, M, and gave it to her for Christmas. It arrived on Christmas Eve.


I received nothing. No note, no message, nothing. Not even anything saying “hey, I’m your KK!” So I had to ask the aunt who drew names this year and she said V’s son, C, who’s 5, was my KK. So I told aunt that V is terrible at giving gifts and wrote it off. However, I also told aunt that I think people who don’t give one year should not be invited back the next year. With V, since this is an ongoing issue, I just don’t think she should be invited to participate.

I posted something unrelated to Christmas on my facebook page yesterday. V commented. I responded. She commented again, then asked if I’d gotten the Christmas gift she sent me. I said no. She messaged me: “I made a $50 dollar donation in Mike Pence’s name and C drew you pictures of female super heros.”

I never received the pictures of superheroes, and apparently she made a donation in someone else’s name. She didn’t say to where she donated, but I assume it was Planned Parenthood.

I still feel like this doesn’t actually count as a gift. Am I wrong, GT? Is this a gift or is it not a gift? Should I say something? I haven’t actually responded to her. I really want to say something, but asking for advice on something to say.

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