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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Gift idea assistance

Hey lentils. My dad’s birthday is coming up, and I would like help finding stuff for him. He recently had a traumatic brain event, and he is home and healing. As many of you know, it takes a long time to rebound from a brain injury. His energy is low, his concentration is erratic, etc.

So far I have a couple of brain game books. He likes sudoku (book 1) and kakuro (book 2). My brother is getting him a fidget spinner. There are two spoiled rotten and adorble border collies in the house, so I am wary of getting him anything too toy-like or dog swallow-able.


I have looked into a subscription box of one type or another, but he keeps to a FODMAP diet. He lives in the mountains, and I want to try and get him outside once it gets nice up there.

I would appreciate any ideas you could pass my way. Thank you in advance.

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